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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Fishing

Having lived most of my life in Maine, and Downeast Maine at that, you'd think this would be nothing new for me. But, like pond hockey, my ice fishing experiences are slim to none. In fact, I had been twice. Ever. Over the mid-winter break, you can consider that number doubled.
Here's Myron, letting Mr. Finn in on the finer points of tip-ups. He's one you should listen to.
Yup...small mouth bass. He also pulled out an even larger one just minutes later.

Here's Mr. Finn's big catch of the day. Can you see it? So much for the fish stories. I know who I'm calling if I need some fresh fish. (hint: it's not my husband)


  1. Yes, I completly agree with you Tammy those are beautiful photos. They always have wonderful photos. Tell everyone that I say hello and I miss them.

  2. I love it! All those kiddo's enjoying that fresh air and catching some fish! Mr. Finn has a fabulous, delicious looking fish...smiles :)

  3. I always read the school blog and have decided to comment this time. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the great fishing photos and well done Myron on your great catches. It seems to me you're a real expert with fishing. Mr Finn did well too, really, he did but I have a question! Did he throw his fish back in? In Australia if one catches an itty bitty fish, it has to be thrown back into the sea.

  4. Well...Mr. Finn didn't actually "catch" that fish...more like he scooped it out of the live bait barrel. Does that count as catching??