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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We Heart Hockey

These guys have gotten so much better since last year, due in part to the spiffy new gear that was donated to our school. During P. E. we just wear our boots, because, as many of you adults know...trying to get 13 kids into skates takes a lifetime. I'm convinced that gym class would be over by the time we got everyone duded up in their pads, helmets and skates. As it is, it takes us about 15 minutes to get onto the ice, but at least we haven't had any casualities this year (not counting Nate...sorry big guy!) We're practicing a lot of passing and the urge for all 13 kids to dive for the puck at once seems to be fading slightly. Though our hockey day with Islesford fell through, we've been having some great ice time for the past couple months. Where was pond hockey when I was a kid?? This could have been me, gleefully chasing the puck, and then, as an adult, I wouldn't skate like a toddler. Kind of embarrassing when the 6 year olds are better than you are, but hey, that's what you call being a 'lifelong learner' right?

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