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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cody and Dylan's Promotion

Mr. Liebow, our superintendent, and Joanne Harriman, our principal (and assistant superintendent) came out to preside over our small, but meaningful, 8th grade promotion. Rob Liebow was the keynote speaker and he talked about the lore of the mermaid egg. He then gave each boy a 'possible' egg that he had gathered for them, to bring them luck, hope, and prosperity in their lives.

He also had a special rock, that had a twin lucky stripe around it to signify the special bond that these twin boys will always share, something that will always connect them to each other.
Joanne Harriman handed out the diplomas and with that, our class of two, moved on to high school.
Each boy got up and spoke, quite eloquently I thought, about their time in Frenchboro School and the changes they had seen.
It was a chance for them to thank the people that had helped them along the way, and they did just that.
We could not be more proud of these boys. We have had the chance to watch them turn from boys to young men full of wisdom, integrity, humor, and kindness. They will be sorely missed.

Thanks to Becky Lenfestey for sharing these photos!!

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  1. Dear Cody and Dylan,
    You have reached another wonderful milestone in your lives and my heart is filled with delight. It will take everyone at school, including Mr & Ms Finn, a long time to get used to you not being there. I may be on the other side of the world but I too shall miss seeing your sweet faces on the Frenchboro school blog. Congratulations and best wishes, Graduates.