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Monday, June 13, 2011


This has been two years in the making. We started three years ago, actually, with a discussion about service learning and about how we could make the community and school better. We made lists of things that we could do to beautify the area, like beach cleanups, and other things that would be useful or helpful to our school, but that might require funding. The kids then power voted on each list for their top pick. Number one in the fundraising was a bike rack. They came up with the idea to do a Fun Fair and it was so successful that not only did they purchase a bike rack, they began the process of accomplishing the second most popular item on the list: adding on to the playground. Well, two years and three Fun Fairs later, we finally had enough money to begin the addition. The kids had designed a plan for how they would like the addition to look, in keeping with the original design. The only thing left to do was purchase the materials and break ground. Thanks SO SO SO much to Paul Charpentier for running several important errands for us when we couldn't get off-island.
This was the result of two weeks of labor. A couple parents helped a bit, but truly, it was the kids who were involved in every aspect, from pouring the cement for the footings, to measuring, cutting and nailing/screwing in all the wood. A great effort.
Then it was time for staining. They had wanted blue and Cody just happened to be in Lowe's with me when I was buying the stain, so he got the final say on the blue.
Two afternoons were dedicated to staining...thank goodness it had FINALLY stopped raining.
Everyone helped.
We were Covered with paint.

Some of us more than others. (Sorry, Katie!!)
Jessica even came down to help out. She sure had the right idea with the chair!
The Three Stooges were on weed patrol while the rest of the kids mulched.
Taaaaa Daaaaaa! Now, is this not the most beautiful creation ever? Try to tell me otherwise, just try.
Climbing wall on the back side. What a gorgeous blue!
I swear, every time I look out back I just smile, smile, smile! And the best part? The kids haven't gotten off that things since we finished. They are constantly playing on it. What a GREAT job and a GREAT effort, kids! I'm so proud of you.

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