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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My How You've Grown

Hoppers is impossible to take photos of as she lunges at the camera every time I bring it near her. I finally got this not so great one to illustrate how enormous she has gotten. Over Christmas break, a guest to our house saw her and thought she'd been crossed with a giant breed. That worried me. She is an eating machine. In her cage it's like an angry inmate rattling their food plate on the bars. She takes her little bowl and begins tossing it around when it's empty. So I keep feeding her, which Mr. Finn insists is the real problem with her overall gigantic-ness. I just cannot help it. She loves her hay and sunflower seeds! She's like a ravenous animal whenever I throw food in there...she pounces like a lion! Luckily she's the most affectionate rabbit on earth and is constantly coming up to us for pets and loving when we let her run around the house or school. We'll have lots of good snuggling sessions over mid-winter break...which starts in a half hour! Have some wonderful time off, kids.

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