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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mugs and Bowls Baby!

Jess and the kids were mixing up some glazes. Perfect time to try out the new gear she brought with her. They were stylin' bigtime.The glazes are nontoxic but we were being extra cautious as it's not good to breathe in lots of the dust. And did I mention we were stylin'? All we needed were big goggles to complete the ensemble.
Then Jess brought out a huge box. Full. Of. Gorgeous. Ceramics. That she had made. For us. Holy moly they were beautiful. We were ecstatic.
Everyone got to pick their pieces that they would glaze.

Yeah. And Mr. Finn in the background? With the green bowl on his head? Yeah, that's him drawing names out of the 'hat'. Jess took all the glazed items home to fire in her gargantuan kiln at home in Virginia. She is a gem, that girl, and about to embark on her Appalachian Trail thru hike in just THREE DAYS! You go, Jess! Frenchboro School loves you!

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