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Friday, March 2, 2012

Smoke Firing

I'm so behind in my blogging. Forgive me and just assume that all these posts happened weeks ago. To make matters worse, I just posted this to the wrong blog and now have to redo it. I'm a space case from all that lovely free time I had over break. We don't have internet at our house in Cherryfield so it was 9 blissful unplugged days. Now, back to the picture above. Jessica had left us with all of our terra cotta ceramics to be smoke fired at our leisure. We wanted to get them done as quickly as possible so just after she left, we got out the garbage can that serves as our smoke kiln. Dang it, Hoppers, get out of the bathroom! Our school rabbit is furiously digging the corner of the bathroom and I keep having to get her. THEN she wants to be pet for like an hour before I can get back to writing. Sheesh. Crazy pets.Anyhoo, back to the firing. It was windy. Not the best for smoke firing so we moved the can to the walkway to get it out of the gale as much as possible.
Unlike last time, nobody rushed forward as soon as the flames appeared to get their eyebrows nearly singed from their faces. A good firing.
Okay, so I'm a little off-kilter due to my long leisurely break, but I have to interrupt again to say that Mr. Finn just came in with two huge boxes of the ceramics that Jessica fired for us in her huge kiln in Virginia. Suhweeet! Kids are gonna flip. Back to the firing. It was smoking like crazy. Good sign.
When it finally cooled down, I took all the ceramics out for the kids to see. They had to wrap them in newspaper really well so they wouldn't break on the way home. "Ms. Finn, my backpack is so full and heavy!" exclaimed Seth.
This was one of my favorites: Brody's funny face. Oh, my gosh...update. Jessica included an awesome map of the Appalachian Trail so we can keep track of her progress. Wicked cool.

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