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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness: Pajama Day and Skype Around the World Day

It was Pajama Day on Thursday, so we all dressed appropriately. It just so happened that this was also the day that we had two Skypes scheduled, one to scientists currently aboard a research vessel near Antarctica, and another to the Chignik Lake school on the Alaskan Aleutian chain.
First up we sent a message to Ben, one of the scientists, to see if they were ready for the call. Ben came out to Frenchboro several months ago to work with the kids on zooplankton. He's aboard this vessel traveling from South Africa to Western Australia for more than a month. So jealous.
If you want to read more of their work, click here.

Next up, we called a small school in Alaska and talked to the kids at their small school. Click here to learn more about Chignik Lake. We had let all our guests know we were celebrating March Madness...just in case they wondered why Tyler had on Incredible Hulk jammies.

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