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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Water Color Koi Fish

I'm no art teacher, but luckily this woman is and I use her blog often for good ideas for art class that also meet standards that the kids need. This project serves another purpose as well, because we're working on a bathroom mural downstairs and it's going to have an undersea theme (go figure), so we need some practice drawing and painting anything aquatic.
I really love the contrasting hues and how the crayon resist not only gives a sharp outline, but also helps keep the watercolors in check.
I love the uniqueness of every single art project we do...every kid is working on the same thing, but they all have their own style and the finished products are always so diverse.
Some kids go really dark and heavy with the color saturation, while others keep it light by adding lots of water.
These are definitely going up on our walls to add some more color and life...reminding us that spring colors will soon be blooming.

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