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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness: Math Day

Disclaimer: This is not a joke. So, for March Madness, the kids voted for what they wanted to do every day of the week. I get to pick one of the days every year because it's my birthday. I pick Pajama Day. A no-brainer. Well, last year when the kids made the list of possibles, there were things like Crazy Hair Day and Toga Day. Then, for some ultra-bizarre reason, someone came up with Quiet Day. Seriously. A day of no talking. Every teacher's dream. I thought, "Well, that's not gonna fly." Nope. They all voted on it, unanimously. So we had Quiet Day last year and they were completely silent all day. We all used white boards to talk to each other. It was fabulous.
So, this year, we weren't quite sure what to expect. We started brainstorming and Quiet Day went up pretty quickly. Then, wonder of wonders, someone suggested Math Day. For real. What's up with that? Where does that even come from? Never in my wildest dreams as a kid would I have come up with Math Day when brainstorming ideas for March Madness. I thought again, "Well, that's not gonna fly." But then immediately checked myself and said, "Yeah. They'll all probably vote for that one." Sure enough. Math Day it was. And that's not all. Read a Book Day, suggests Saylor. It goes up on the board. And I of course get the Queen's birthday vote and vote for Pajama Day. Last up? Crazy Hair Day. Okay, so there's some hope for these kids yet.
So, what the heck to do on Math Day? Math class, like ALL day long? That just did not sound appealing to either Mr. Finn, or myself. Or should I say Mr. Composite? Cause of course we kicked off the morning with new Math names. Tyler? He wanted to be 8. Like, just plain number 8. We had Multiplication and Division (Cadin and Johnny, who sit right next to each other.) Then we had Seth as "Cube" and my personal favorite, Bradley as "The Ruler". How awesome is that, being called The Ruler all day? So funny.

What was my name? Well, my inner geek really comes out here, but I'm a huge Transformers fan so I was: Mrs. Prime. So Mr. Finn was Mr. Composite. The kids had a hard time saying Mr. Composite, so everyone was talking to me because Mrs. Prime was much easier to say. I was a little partial to Cube, being Mrs. Prime, with his, you know, creational powers and all.

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