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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boxes From Magpie

We were so excited to get our care packages from Magpie. Magpie is Jessica's trail name for her Applachian through hike. If you want to know more about Magpie and her hike, click here.

In our box, Magpie had included a wonderful map of the entire AT so we can chart her progress, marking the different spots along the way with sticky notes. She began on 3/3/12 and had a very cold night atop Springer Mountain. We posted some encouraging comments to her trail journal to keep her going strong. We're waiting on pins and needles for her next posting so we can see how far she's gotten this past week. Go Magpie!After unearthing our fired pieces from the mounds of shredded paper and packing peanuts, we were happy to see there were very few casualties. Really the only real break was Mr. Finn's mug and we were glad it was his and not one of the kids. The glazes turned out beautifully. Do not ask my why I have no pictures of all the pieces together. What was I thinking?

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