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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Math Day Activities

Mr. Composite listed all of the potential Math related activities that the kids could choose from throughout the day. One of the things they voted on was a multi-step problem race. Every students was given a card with nine math problems based upon ability level. They raced to get the problem done, get downstairs and search for the answer amidst a flurry of different answer cards scattered on note cards stuck to desks, find the shape that was drawn on the answer card, rush back upstairs and draw the correct shape next to their work on each problem. I was the traffic cop making sure nobody collided on the way up and down. It was very...busy. They were in a sweat.
Next up, they split into two different teams, given the task of building the tallest tower in an allotted time. Each group had a matching set of blocks to work with.
It started out pretty mellow and quickly worked itself into a panicked frenzy of activity as the clock ticked down. There were some casualty towers, toppling in a great crash that nearly scared the ears off Hoppers.
By the end, both teams had won one time each, so they were pretty evenly matched.
Another activity had to do with problem solving their way across a 'river full of alligators and piranha (had to look that up...I knew there was an "h" in there somewhere). The bridge consisted of 2 x 4s and 2 x 6s placed upon various 'rocks' in the river. If anyone fell in they had to go back to the start, which made it challenging when most of the kids were already across and had to go back and put the boards back to help the stragglers. Even more challenging was when the 5th and 6th graders were not allowed to touch any of the bridges with their hands, but they were able to give directions. They were ultimately successful, but boy that took some effort!

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