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Monday, March 19, 2012

Kick the Ball (woods version)

We never miss gym, and we always go outside. Once in a very great while, like perhaps 5 times in the past 4 years have we had to stay inside for gym. That's one awesome part of living on an island. We get tired of playing the usual suspects of baseball, kickball, volleyball, and this year pond hockey was a total bust because it's been so warm, so we were excited to come up with a new game. It started as Kick the Can at recess, but now it's Kick the Ball, and we've headed into the woods to play for gym class a couple times. It is awesome. I wanted to get some pictures, but I kept giving away the hiding spots of the kids, so I had to come to the "jail" where kids were gathered near the ball waiting to be freed by someone who hadn't been seen yet.

Jail has never been so fun.
I love taking photos of these kids out in nature. They're so photogenic and the setting is so beautiful.
They really had to have some good hiding spots because they were not exactly camoed up.
Myron shirt blended really well and he was successful in his sneak-up attempts several times.
For some reason Jayde could not stop giggling as I was taking her photo.
And....what do we have here?? A Frenchboro alumna coming to join us for gym class. He very much approved of the new game. Great to see him, though I can't stand how tall he's getting! I kept standing on a hill whenever he came near me.
Absolutely love this photo. I'm so happy when they cooperate and don't duck behind trees!
And of course, we can't forget the cuteness factor. Sure was nice getting out and enjoying another beautiful day. The weather has been amazing!

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