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Monday, March 26, 2012

L is for Lobster

Look what we got in the mail! Jeannie Brett, one of the authors and illustrators that comes out to visit us through Island Readers and Writers sent all the kids a signed poster of the cover of her book L is for Lobster. We send out birthday cards to all of our community and folks who have visited us out here and Jeannie really loves getting her card every year, so this year she sent a lovely note to us, these wonderful posters, and bookmarks of her book about a Maine Coon cat. Excellent! We can't thank her enough. We just love hearing from everyone and often get mail here at the school.
I included all three of these pictures as the first was just "normal face" and then I told the kids to make silly faces. Just have a look at Jayde in all three pictures. Same face. Every time. She's got googly eyed, slack jawed Seth and Tyler on either side of her and she's like, total deadpan. She could be a 911 dispatch operator when she gets older, cause nobody's getting a rise out of her!


  1. Love the poster, AND the expressions!

  2. Oh, I am honored. Thank you students and friends of the wonderful Frenchboro School!