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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Secret Life of Teachers: Part II

If you ever find yourself wondering what teachers do with all their leisure time in the summer...They work. Many have jobs in the summer to supplement their income. Though we do not have official 'jobs', this is what my husband, Doug, does. He renovates. Intensely. What you can't see in these pictures are the ten days of shoring up the house that he did since the previous owner was apparently not very forward thinking and built the addition on bare ground (with no weatherproofing or footings of any kind...nice, huh?).

This is Doug with his brother, Michael, who has been staying with us for a month. Michael has been an invaluable help. He is strong as an ox, has great attention to detail, and doesn't let Diabetes or Down Syndrome stop him from fully engaging in everything life has to offer (well, perhaps not cheesecake....)

When I come outside and see what my husband has done to beautify and overall better our house and the surrounding land and barn, it really brings tears to my eyes.'s like a brand new house...and that's saying a lot since it was built 150 years ago.

See those windows? Those french doors? Yeah, he rebuilt both walls and put those in. The french doors he redid twice. Helps to be a little on the anal side when it comes to installing french doors, apparently. It also helps to have a house that was built in the 1900's with actual 2 x 4's following a distict pattern, but hey!
He did this front part in a day. And no, I don't rent him out...he's all mine!


  1. Looks awesome, guys! Don't wear yourselves out- we need you fresh and energized in September!!! Say 'Hi' to Mike for us; we enjoyed having your boys here for the 4th of July festivities, but missed you. See you soon.

  2. It really does look like brand new-he can come over and do the same to our house anytime! It was fun catching up-have a fun trip to FL. Hope to see Mike again soon-he totally smoked Brody in UNO!!!