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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Secret Life of Teachers: Part III

I wish I could say that I can build houses, or put in windows and doors, or shingle. I suppose I COULD do those things, but let's just say I'm not naturally gifted like my husband when it comes to such endeavors. Instead, I grow things. A no-brainer, I know, but I love it. Perhaps it's because it IS such a no-brainer that I love it so much, since I'm so cerebral by nature. Digging in the dirt helps me balance out, and I really believe the research that shows how gardening helps reduce stress. I'm not much for manicures, anyway!

Peas are delicious this year. Sugar snap all the way, baby. Sauteed lightly with some fresh garlic from the garden...a real hit with my guys.

Umm, are potatoes supposed to look like this? I'm a little startled by the growth. Preeeetty sure I overdid it on this front. But my mom was digging around down there and pulled out my first red skinned variety, so they're producing despite the forest I've created.

I can't WAIT until I get this corn. It's a tricolor sweet variety. I've never had any luck with corn because of raccoons who seem to sense the day you plan to pick and strip everything clean the night before. My measley little rows might not be 'thigh high by July' but I think I might just have corn this year.

Oh...I just have to say....I do paint. I painted the kitchen, the new addition wall, and all the outside trim. Again, a talentless feat, but I'm not a total wash!

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  1. Your garden sure does look lush! must be that great Cherryfield soil and Duerr's compost.