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Friday, December 18, 2009

Myron's Boat

There are opportunities in life, some come because of chance and others come because of hard work. In Myron's case, his opportunity was born of hard work. Son of a fisherman, he has grown up here in Frenchboro surrounded by the lobster industry. He's gone through the process that many kids do out here: get your license, set a small amount of traps, log hours with a mentor fisherman (aka: dad) and slowly work your way into more traps, more money, and a boat of your own.
Myron worked all last summer hauling with another fisherman. While most kids his age were playing in sprinklers and on their Play Stations, he was out, day after day, pulling long hours on Jay2's boat. Well, a deal was worked out that Myron would buy into a 16 footer belonging to Jay's nephew. It showed up a couple weeks ago. If Myron's brother Bradley is The King of Pep, then Myron is the King of Deadpan. He handled the whole scene with his usual understatement.

"Myron! What do you think of that boat!? It looks great!!"


"How do you feel Myron! Are you so excited!?" (this is me by the way, shouting and jumping around...)

"Yep. Pretty good."

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