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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter Art

With our Lego Robotics tournament fast approaching, Mr. Finn took the older students downstairs to work on their robot and presentation which left me with the K-3. So fun. We did some painting. And perhaps I'm just reading into this...but maybe the kids are getting a little sick of having their every effort chronicled by camera? You be the judge. Here I am with Teressa and Saylor. Girls, that looks great! Look at me! Smile for the camera!
uhhh, yeah. sure ms. finn. great. now can you get that camera away from me? Reminds me of when the Oprah show came out to film the kids. Mr. Finn said they got right (and I'm talking inches) in Saylor's face with that video camera and she was not liking that one bit.
These guys? Completely oblivious to me. Don't you just love those smocks (one of my all time favorite words...smock, smock, smock, say it with me)? It was nice just working with a few colors instead of a whole palate and learning to water down the watercolors in order to get a more pastel feel was-a little challenging. Love how they turned out. Perhaps another art show is in store?

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