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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Road Trip

When we do field trips at Frenchboro School, it's sort of a "go big or go home" kind of thing. Since we're so far off the beaten path and only have three ferries a week, if we want to leave the island, we have to go for overnights after our friday ferry stops running at Thanksgiving. With a Lego Robotics tournament looming, Mr. Finn began concocting the idea to make it a school-wide trip to Augusta for a visit to the statehouse, museum as well as the tournament at the Civic Center. And don't forget the swimming at the hotel.
I've decided that the Maine State Museum is terrific. It has my official seal of approval. Any place that lets kids smash rocks right there on the carpet has got to be the coolest place ever.

The exhibits themselves are top notch...the animals, the working mill, the ship, all the old cars and equipment. I was amazed and three hours was far too short. It was so engaging, in fact, that I totally lost track of time and was late for our flintknapping lesson. Which was also exceptionally cool. To keep a group of kids ranging in ages from 2-12 interested is pretty impressive and all the parents agreed that there was lots to offer.

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  1. Thank you for not telling everybody *I* was the one who held the group up, which should not be held against me, for you all know you should have dragged me out of that fiber exhibit! With set up and working looms! And a very knowledgeable attendant to share my fascination!
    It was incredible; I loved every minute of it, and could have spent the entire day there. What a great museum. And what a great field trip.