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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Camp Beechcliff Rocks!

Sooooo, it's not every day when you get invited to attend an all-day field trip to an outdoor learning center...for free! Thanks to Rob Benson and the wonderful folks at the Maine Seacoast Mission, we got the chance for our entire school, and even some NISY (not in school yet) kids to have a fantastic day at Camp Beechcliff on Mount Desert Island.
Since it was quite cold and rainy, Kevin, our fearless leader, had a lot of indoor activities planned. We started out doing some fun warm up activities where we had to try to grab our neighbor's finger on one side while simultaneously trying to pull our other hand away from our neighbor on the other side.
It was tougher than you might think! And hilarious.
There were team building activities, replete with problem solving challenges and chances to share ideas.
After lunch it was on to rock climbing.
We had some very serious active listening going on as Kevin explained the procedures. The kids were a little nervous, but get this: EVERYONE tried it and had great success. Mr. Finn and I used to be pretty into rock climbing so it was very exciting to belay the kids while they scrambled up the wall.
Cody was our test subject. Since he's the oldest. I think about a half hour older than his twin, Dylan.
And he's off!
All the way over the mountain and into the sunset! We're looking forward to another chance to go back to Camp Beechcliff and check out the outdoor ropes course. Thanks to Rob and Kevin. what a great day. (I think I'm still sore from that wolf/deer game.)

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