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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ceramics with Jessica

We had a great ceramics class on Tuesday. Jess came in and had a terrific powerpoint to recap on what the kids had learned, some examples of different styles of pottery and some information about pit firing, which we'll be doing soon with the pieces we're creating.
Jayde's table decided that they were going to make volcanoes with their clay. They started by creating a slab. Then they cut out a circle and began working on the coils to build the sides.

No volcano is complete without lava shooting out of the top.
Everyone had great, unique ideas and experimented with different styles and techniques.
There were some crazy faces.
Even a frog with a fly stuck on its tongue.
and of course... a lobster boat. maybe even three.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, working with clay! Sure looks like everyone has had heaps of fun with all your awesome creations. A frog with a fly on its tongue - now that's what you call v e r y detailed! The volcanoes, crazy faces and the lobster boat are ALL amazing work everyone. I remember when I was little (almost a hundred years ago), I made a clown face with my first ceramic lesson. Hmmmm I think I even called my clown, Bobo!