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Friday, April 16, 2010

Field Cam

We're such tech geeks here at Frenchboro School, but we're also really into nature. So, what a perfect combination to have the opportunity to play around with an animal cam. Terry of MCHT loaned it to us for a little while and Mr. Finn was so psyched to try to get some otter pics. There are a couple places that we know are good highways for the little critters and this place in seriously reeks from all the scat and the slides, trails and den are everywhere. After a few unsuccessful attempts, we finally had a nice showing. So exciting!
Day and night shots. And then, my favorite:
Look at this cute little guy! What a great surprise. I didn't even know we had saw whet owls on the island. Don't you just want to scoop that up and take it home? So parents, if your kids come home with a mysterious box that makes scritchy noises....just a heads up.


  1. I'm 'grounding' my kids now, so they can't go in the woods and find scary animals to bring home.

  2. just wait til we get shots of the mink den...just think Marissa...a house full of baby mink!

  3. mom! we got an other one!!!!