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Friday, April 1, 2011

Tank Update

So. We found out about the white ribbons. We checked it out here and yes, it does say "sea slug forum". Can you believe that? This picture was from the website as my photos didn't come out well. We have less ribbons since we only have three rough-mantled doris (dorises? Dori? Doru?) in there. We look forward to loads of babies. I can only imagine.

And I managed to capture the tube worm. My best guess is that it is the tailed pripulid worm, though it doesn't seem to have the ribbed neckline. It is in this area as opposed to some of the others, but if anyone knows better, let us know! It appears to be currently ingesting a periwinkle, which is inside it's tentacles at the moment. It also seems to like being squeezed beneath that rock. Which I don't mind as it looks more like a sea anemone than a white flaccid worm creature that I have nightmares about.

I just told a fisherman to bring us 'more cool stuff'. That could prove interesting.

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