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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ceramic Tea Sets

Johnny, in deep concentration, working on his second tea cup. The kids had one final tea set work session. Jessica laid down the law when it came to the expectations: all pieces had to be completely finished and smoothed to her satisfaction or they would not be going in the kiln! The kids got right to work.

Saylor had to finish the spout on her pot and several tea cups. The idea was to have the set go together, so notice how the top of her teapot has the same round ball as the handles on her tea cups.
I don't think I've ever seen Cody as proud of an art project as he is of his behemoth teapot. He's been working diligently on it for weeks. It is a wee bit past the specifications in terms of size, but Jessica said she thinks she can squeeze it into her kiln, thank goodness!
Look at the creativity of Austin's teapot! He put a face on the front, with the spout as the nose. Love it.
Dylan giving his pot the rabbit ears.
Jessica giving Myron a few final instructions for finishing up his pieces. Everyone got done in the allotted time...very impressive work session!

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  1. How sweet is that, everyone working on ceramic tea sets! Terrific work indeed. Hope they all turned out nicely in the kiln.