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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3rd Fun Fair

During the last week of school we had our Fun Fair, the annual fund raising event that the students concocted two years ago. This time we added a new element, based upon the science Polycom on animal adaptations we had with Vanderbilt University recently. I called it the "Chopstick Challenge" and it was a big hit. While a time keeper kept track of the one-minute constraint, several challengers tried to collect as many beans as possible into their cups. It was a heated event.
Our old standbys: bean bag toss
Bake Sale
Pin the Tail on the Lobster
Lobster Fishing
Balloon Darts
Cody and Dylan were in charge of selling tickets at the door. They had the week off, since they had graduated the previous Friday, but we had them come back to work the Fun Fair as it was the source of their 8th grade trip funds. I think they were pretty happy to get a last go at some of the games.
Then, true to Fun Fair tradition, we had the Pie in the Face. Every student had their jars out with a picture of them making some face on it. The jar with the most tickets at the end of the fair would earn the pie. The first fair it was Cadin, then Jayde (with a stand-in by sister, Saylor) and this year...ta-ta-ta-tum! Mr. Finn. Yup. And who got to do the honors?? Myron.
Maybe I'm looking a little too gleeful as I encourage Myron to really load that whipped cream on there? Look at the crowd of kids egging him on. This is a rare treat in one's life...not every day you get to pie your teacher.
And with a deep breath, Myron plunged forward and really ground that sucker in there!!
The kids of course thought this was the most hilarious thing in the world. Even Myron, who had a poker face to beat the best of them, couldn't stop laughing.
Mr. Finn was a good sport and posed for pics before washing his considerable beard.
I think he'll remember this one.

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