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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vanderbilt Visit

As a final event for our Island Readers & Writers work with Vanderbilt University, we were lucky enough to have two prominent scientists, a husband and wife couple, Julie and Billy Hudson, come for a visit and present on their work with the university medical center. Billy is doing cutting edge Diabetes research and is beginning to work with strange creatures called water bears. They are microscopic organisms that are nearly indestructible and they will hopefully help him with his work with the effects of Diabetes on the kidneys. We might be partnering up to help him by growing water bears in petri dishes for his lab next year. Amazing stuff.
July and Billy awarded the kids certificates for their participation in the IRW/Vanderbilt lessons.

Thanks to Billy and Julie for coming all the way out to our little island. Tune in for more updates about water bears!

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  1. What an honor to have scientists, Julie and Billy Hudson, spend time with you at Frenchboro. Every student must have felt very special having their photo taken when awarded the certificates too. Well done. I for one look forward to learning more about the water bears. Hope the school can join in with the University to assist.