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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

After Party

After the Fun Fair, we have developed this tradition of a balloon popping contest. It's a reward after the massive clean up that the kids do (never once complaining!) following each Fun Fair. We save all the balloons to the side and then the popping commences, with lots of hilarity, of course.
Sometimes there are some misses, or belly flops, but always lots of cheering and...photographers?
Peter from the Island Institute was visiting our island fellow and getting some pics of her at work. Since she's done work with the kids at the school, they came down to see if they could get some shots of her with the kids. Well. This is what was happening. So, yes, true to Jessica fashion, she joined the kids in the balloon popping contest. I guarantee no other island fellow will have pictures of themselves sitting on balloons.
As Bradley came in he clapped his hands in glee saying, "This is my favorite part of the Fun Fair!" Definitely a tradition to continue.

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