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Friday, January 8, 2010

Gearing Up

I'm not the only person who thinks Frenchboro is a really special place. An anonymous donor gifted the students of Frenchboro money to buy sports equipment. Being able to have the kids decked out in proper hockey gear is a dream come true.
The kids were seriously psyched. They couldn't wait to put the pads and helmets on. Here's Saylor...making pink look tough.
Dylan and Myron: Show us your game face, boys!
Along with the protective gear, there was enough left over for sticks, goals and skates. The ice was beautiful just before winter break and we were out playing hockey every day...sometimes playing once during school and then down again for more hockey after school. Unfortunately, we lost the good ice for a while due to a thaw, but now it's refrozen-a little bumpy, but we're going out today for gym class for our first game of the new year!

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