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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still Life with Watercolor

As we have grown as artists this year and last, I'm seeing a lot more attention to detail from the students. We've learned that good art takes time, so the rush to just 'get it done' is not prevalent anymore. Kids who didn't see themselves as artists are now gaining confidence and producing beautiful works.
The idea with this lesson that I found on my favorite art website is to use just one color, with differing gradations of saturation, avoiding the same tone next to each other.
Another difference that I've noticed is that the kids are more independent in their choices. It used to be that they would choose the same colors as their friends, or be highly influenced by someone in class that they admired. Now they seem comfortable being individuals as evidenced by the boys at this table who all chose different colors: Elijah with red, Dylan with green, Cody with traditional blue, and Brody with turquoise blue. The end results were beautiful and I've got to get a picture of them!

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