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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


At the beginning of this year, Mr. Finn and I talked about what we wanted to accomplish with the kids concerning all the subject areas. We mapped out roughly what the year would look like and worked on the schedule. Besides being on level for things like math and reading, both extremely important, we also wanted them to be physically fit and skilled in different sports, and to have the ability to sketch and draw things besides stick figures. We recently started playing around a little with perspective and doing three dimensional drawing and basic drafting. The kids are really enjoying themselves, and we're seeing some great improvements in their overall ability, but also confidence and enjoyment of art. They begged to take these home, saying they really "popped out" at them. I think I may have to take some art classes this summer!!

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  1. Awesome artwork everyone, I'm sure you did Mr. & Ms. Finn real proud. Love the matching colour scheme. Oh by the way, notice how the word 'colour' is spelt differently over here in Australia?