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Monday, March 15, 2010

He Just Smiled and Gave Me a Vegemite Sandwich

Our pen pal, Carol, sent us a breakie parcel from Oz. Translated, that means breakfast package from Australia. Pretty much if you want to speak Aussie, just add an 'ies' to the end of everything. Sunnies, lollies, etc.
Sooo, in the interest of all things cultural, the kids got to try their very first vegemite thanks to our overseas pal. Notice Brody's look of trepidation.
Don't let Teressa's look belie the situation. She was the only one who liked Vegemite, so much so that in lieu of her snack, she had a second helping.
Johnny was close behind. This is a genuine 'thumbs up'.
Jayde, on the other hand... Maybe not so much. Cadin could barely keep it in his mouth and ran quickly to the bathroom trash. They were much happier with the chocolate milk packets! And pencils. Yay for great pen pals! Thanks Carol!

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  1. Hooray everybody for being soooo brave in sampling your very first, Aussie (Australian) style Vegemite breakie (breakfast). I'm very proud of you all, even if some of you weren't too keen on the taste. Poor, poor Cadin especially, who had to run to the trash can (did you make it in time?) At least the milk drink washed down that after taste. I think you all deserve a pat on the back for passing as a . . . ripper tru blu dinky-di Aussie for the day! That's Australian talk meaning - you became great,loyal and genuine Australians for the day. I was happy to be able to make part of your 'Mad March' even more fun. Unil next time, keep smiling everyone.