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Monday, March 29, 2010


We got started with our seedlings last week. Every family got some choices for what to start indoors. It will be another few weeks until we can add them to the garden plots, so it gives them a head start...really important here in Maine.
So, here they were when I came in this morning! Wowsa!
Holy cow...look at that summer squash! We might have to transplant that one into a bigger pot! The kids will have to choose which to keep and which to clip back since it's best to only have one plant per cube. We're going to be planting our aerogarden soon. That has it's own hydroponic unit with a timed light source, so it's very efficient. Last year I started mine so early that my plants were gargantuan, so I'll have to hold back for a few more days, though it sure is difficult to resist!

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