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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Demolition Math

In Math class the kids have been working on tearing out the old doors and putting in new ones. They spent a lot of time with the demolition and then had a lot of measuring to do to make sure the new doors fit perfectly. They also had to put up new trim boards around the doors. We love the light that the new doors offer, as well as the added energy efficiency. Future DIYers at work!


  1. What a good looking crew...and they do some great work too! I would hire them out anytime.

  2. this is the REAL math! and i love that window that is put up like a diamond!

  3. A wonderful job on the new doors everyone and I too love the diamond shaped window. Imagine all the beautiful sunshine that your class room is going to get now! Another great thing I liked seeing and that's the tidying up after your construction was completed.