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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ed and Claire

The week before last, two of my favorite people, Ed and Claire Blatchford and their dog, Tucker, came to Frenchboro to visit. I used to work at the school that Ed founded in Massachusetts and I became friends with his wife, Claire, who also helped out at the school. Both of them have an extensive background in education and Claire still teaches at the Clarke School for the Deaf. So I took full advantage of them being here to share some of their talents. Claire did an excellent art project where the kids imbedded their names into a pattern by using carbon paper to transfer their names over and over into a sort of pinwheel design, which they colored in.

Ed and Claire enjoying the swingset on our playground!

Then it was Ed's turn to show his stuff. He came fully prepared to teach the kids how to make boomerangs. Do you think the kids were into that idea? ummm, let's see....
Yeah, just a little. And miraculously no children were harmed in the throwing of these death sticks, I might add. Lots of ducking, though. These are the coolest things, like, ever. I sleep with mine under my pillow and call it Pookie.

I miss Ed and Claire already.

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