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Monday, May 17, 2010

Fish Hatchery

Our tour guide, Kevin, describing the life cycle of the salmon and how the eggs are 'shocked' after fertilization to separate the viable eggs from the unfertilized ones, which was news to all of us. They have a special machine that senses the opaqueness and all the 'bad eggs' are rejected. This really cuts down on the fungus problems that can happen with the unfertilized eggs.

We had a nice tour of the Green Lake Fish Hatchery out past Ellsworth. After raising our salmon in the tank for a couple months, it was amazing to see the amount of fish that the hatchery itself raises. We saw all the parts of the salmon life cycle and Kevin answered all our questions. He laughed that the kids didn't think it smelled badly in the hatchery as that's the usual comment when school groups come in. Tammy just said, "They're used to bait."

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