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Monday, May 10, 2010

We Heart Rebekah Raye

This is Rebekah Raye. She is a local author and illustrator. We are lucky enough to be a part of Island Readers and Writers, a wonderful organization that brings out talented people like Rebekah to work with our students.
Here Rebekah is sharing the original artwork she did for the cover of Thanks to the Animals, a Passamaquoddy tale by Allen Sockabasin.
Rebekah did the artwork for this year's Big Read. She did two paintings to illustrate Buck and dogsledding in the Yukon. She showed us the techniques she used in order to get the desired results. She uses goose quills from her pet goose!
Here's Brody doing the last stage of his art piece. He started by drawing his image on tracing paper and transferring it to watercolor paper. Then he used his goose quill to trace the edges of his drawing with liquid watecolors.
Here's Cody spreading the watercolor out across his paper.
Jan Coates, the director of IRW, always accompanies the artist and/or writer. She's displaying Rebekah's original for The Call of the Wild next to the calendar version. Note the slight coloration difference.
Last, but certainly not of our favorite parts of each IRW visit is when the kids get their autographed copies of the book. Rebekah signed each with a special little illustration of the student's choosing.
Saylor wanted an eagle. Some kids chose dogs or wolves because of The Call of the Wild. Cadin was absent, but I knew his favorite animal is a cheetah, so I asked that his have a cheetah. I even got a copy for my neice and nephew. I told Rebekah that my neice loved bunnies, but that all my nephew ever talks about is cars, so she drew a little rabbit driving a car! What a great day. Thanks to IRW, Jan, and Rebekah for a most memorable experience!

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  1. What an enormous thrill you all had with Rebekah and Jan Coate's' visit. I enjoyed the videos so much. The photos of you working with Rebekah must have been so exciting. Wow!! I really loved watching her use the goose quill with her drawings. Awesome!