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Monday, November 1, 2010

Cross Country Race #2: Islesford

We had the privilege of a second cross country meet this year, in Islesford. Kim and Charlie took us over after lunch and we were on the starting line by 1:00. Here is the K-4 group, on their marks!
Most of the parents joined us for the trip to watch their kids compete. It's always so wonderful to see such parent support, and a great chance for little siblings to tag along.
Here's Cadin finishing first! We were so proud. And there are our girls finishing right behind him! Great job, kids!
I'm not sure who was the worse off: Seth or Mikey, but here they are finishing strong at the line. Yay, Seth! All the hard work payed off.
Here's Cody finishing first for the 5-8th grade. What an exciting race!
You know, it's not every school that has a K-8 cross country team. And not to mention that 11 out of 12 of our students competed this year. Kudos to all the kids, and to the awesome Frenchboro cheering section! Great season everyone.
Homeward bound on the ferry. I didn't take a picture of Saylor asleep on her mom's shoulder! These guys were ready for another one. And I'll spare you the conversation they were having. Hmmm....let me see...six boys. Must've been about poop.

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  1. Well done everyone on the second cross country race. Hmmm I wonder, what ARE you boys talking about.. :-)