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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Running the Robot

The kids in 4th-8th grade are all on the Lego Robotics team. They meet every day after school (except for Wednesdays) to work on the the robot tasks as well as their project. This year the theme is Body Forward. The table is set up to simulate different parts of the body and to 'fix' what has gone wrong with the robot. For instance, there is a broken bone, which the robot has to mend by pushing the break together and fitting a blue cast over the top of the break. The kids do all their own programming and it's very time-consuming for them as it takes a lot of trial and error. As a Mainer, I'd say it's wicked hard.
The kids in K-3 are gearing up to be part of the team. They came down for a demonstration last week. What's not to love about Legos and robots??

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