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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Warlpiri Paintings

In art class, we're working on cultures and how they express themselves. We do a little background, talk about the techniques and then we try it ourselves. Studying the Aborigines of Australia is a personal favorite of mine. They traditionally used their paintings to tell stories and map out sacred rituals. We looked at cave paintings and current models to get some ideas. Though traditionally the Aborigines used bark for their painting, we had to settle for paper. And there was no grinding of ocher for paints. Darn. Frenchboro is low on ferric oxide. The kids were instructed to have a story of some kind to go along with what they were painting...and to use traditional shapes and ideas of the native people. Hunting, water holes, animal tracks, etc. Who knows what Cadin had in mind here.
Jayde and Seth, working on their depictions of snakes and eggs.
Cody's really looked like the real thing! He's going on walkabout next week.
Dylan really focused on the song line of his piece, with many details about a hunting trip.
Teressa was all about camp and what happens at camp. I thought that whatever happens at camp, stays at camp! I don't see the 'outhouse' icon.

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  1. I am so impressed with the Aboriginal paintings that the children have drawn - so eye catching. They're awesome and each one definitely holds their own story. Yes, there is so much history with the Australian Aborigines. Well done everyone.