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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Geneology with Lloyd

I know I've mentioned that we have some seriously talented folks out here on the island and here's another one. Lloyd Coffey has degrees in physics and math. Yes. That's right. Two degrees in areas that make most people go, "Huh?"
Lloyd wasn't coming to work with graphing calculators...yet. He came in to work with us on geneology to complement our communities unit in Social Studies.
He showed us his own family tree on and showed the kids how the site works.
I got ourselves an account so we could each do our own trees. If you've never used this site, it is totally awesome. I traced some of my mom's family back to 1500! Amazing.
The kids worked in family groups and also filled out as much as they could on paper. They had homework to do: go home and fill in the rest of their chart with some help from their parents. I'm happy to report that they will be working with Lloyd again on Tuesday. Excellent.

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  1. Yes, is a terrific site. I hope you all enjoy learning a lot about your parentage.