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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Island Classroom

We were out and about the other day. It was a great opportunity to review all we learned last year about producers, consumers and decomposers. It has been a veritable mushroom bonanza this year here on Frenchboro. Mr. Finn found some that were curling up, releasing their spores.

We hung out at our favorite rock, the one with all the pixie cup lichen and beautiful mosses. The kids cannot resist clambering all over it.
Deep cove with some impressive wave action left over from Katia.
They, of course, sat right down to enjoy the big swells. And I, of course, took lots of pictures.
Then we were on to the beaver dam. They did not know this but we just told them to follow the stream. I started singing "We're on a road to nowhere" by the Talking Heads in my mind. Well, maybe a little bit out loud.
A pause to show our muscles.
Muck boots are essential to classroom instruction.
You just hope the boots are high enough.
We must have crossed that little stream fifty times. They could not stay on one side for the life of them.
After a LOT of walking, everyone was getting very tired. Everyone, except Tyler.
And Seth.
Admittedly, it was quite a hot day for September, but they were over the top with their predictions. "I'm DYING, Ms. Finn! I need WATER!" So we headed into the shade and took a little rest.
And some more pictures.
Finally, we reached our destination. At first, they were confused because there used to be beaver out here, hence the beaver pond, but it had drained out and there was no current beaver sign. But a couple weeks ago a beaver showed up here and....
Voila! That little beaver has sure been busy! I, for one, am a little thrilled by the skating potential alone.

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