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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ursula and Edie

Ursula came out last week on the new Wednesday ferry, and she brought along her friend, Edie, who works at the high school. It was so good to see Ursula's smiling face again...we've missed her! She did a fun Q & A about what we did over the summer. If our answer was "yes", we had to stand up. The biggest responses were about lobster, go figure.
Edie is into yoga like we are, so she offered to do some moves with us. There were some oldies but goodies, like the cat pose, but then she taught us something new:
This balance pose is all about getting your body just perfect before kicking off slightly with your feet. There were a lot of face plants, needless to say.

It was so nice for us to catch up on all that happened over the summer. The kids talked about community as that's our opening unit in our Social Studies books this year. For the older students, they're learning about some ancient cultures and communities, but the younger kids are defining what community means. Ursula always tries to cater her lessons to whatever we are learning, which is another reason we love working with her! The Wednesday ferry will allow her to visit us all year instead of over the Polycom in the wintertime, so we're super excited for that!

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