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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Morning Meeting Captains

Click and Clack are Morning Meeting Captains for the first week of school. There are a lot duties associated with this: put up the flag, get the rain gauge and enter the data into CoCoRaHs, print up the NOAA marine forecast for Frenchboro, pick a joke, figure out what yoga moves to do, and then get ready for school like everyone else.
Here they are picking a joke from our new silly joke book.
Then it was time for the Morning Show. Here's Johnny reading off the data from the weather station, then the NOAA forecast, and finally Seth told the joke of the day. They went to the front of the classroom after that to lead Morning Meeting: Pledge, Schedule, News, Weather...
...and Wednesday is seated yoga, so there they are up front leading the group in the spinal twist. Thank goodness they didn't start off with the camel pose.

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