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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heard Around the Schoolhouse

Tyler: Ms. Finn. Wanna know what my favorite part of school is?
Me: Gym?
Tyler: No. Recess. Wanna know what my other favorite part is...inside school?
Me: Hmmmm.
Tyler: I'll give you a hint. It starts with the "buh" sound.
Me: Uhhhhh.
Tyler: Ms Finn. "Bunny" starts with a "buh" sound.
Me: Is it bunny?
Tyler: Yeah.

"I'm tickling the buoy!" -Seth

"When my gerbil had its babies, we walked in and looked in the cage and we thought it was a pile of peanuts." -Saylor

"I always like to put my cold feet on my mom....then she freaks." -Johnny

"Aren't I supposed to be wearing a mask?!" -Seth (when asked to be catcher)

Mr. Finn: We've got practice tomorrow, too.
Bradley: YEAH! I love it! (on Lego Robotics practice

(rubbing his belly) "When I'm older, this is gonna fit me juuuuuust right." Bradley

"It doesn't smell as bad as my dad's cowhide." -Brody

"When I got hit in the stomach with the soccer ball, it almost made me puke. Dang." -Seth

"Whoever people's names the storms are....when they get mad, the storm gets stronger! That really happens." -Tyler (on hurricane names)

"Look at the penguins. They're so cute. They don't know we're watching them. Because they have little brains." -Seth (when watching the penguin cam at California Academy of Sciences)

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  1. Kids!! What comes out of their mouth is priceless, and soooo cute!