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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Robin and Edie visit

It's funny how you meet people. Sometimes the stories are mundane and other times they stand out and become part of the story of your friendship. I met Robin at the Detroit airport just after flying back from India. It was Sept. 2001 and the towers had just fallen. I had to cancel my extended stay to return to the U. S. early. Robin was returning from Thailand. Some clerk was giving him a hard time and I was watching the 'discussion' between them. When Robin turned, he saw me watching and just broke into this large grin and began to chuckle. It was a relief to see someone smiling. He sat down next to me, laughing, and thus began a ten year friendship that has spanned all the ups and downs of movement, marriage, children, etc. that have happened to us. He's been meaning to come out to Frenchboro School since Mr. Finn and I arrived, and finally had the chance to bring his daughter, Edie, out as well. As per usual guest ordinance, we asked if he'd be willing to teach something. He decided upon a found object sculpture class as he does a lot of wonderful pieces like the one above, named "Teacher".
He started us off with a myriad of objects that he brought along with him, asking everyone to choose just one object to start. Edie is the one in the red sweater.
It was hard to choose just one as there were some great pieces of wood and tiny toys. After their first go, they could choose two they eagerly went back to pick the ones they had had to pass up on the first chance.
Seth was full of ideas about how his sculpture would look.
Robin explained the process, and told them that we'd be going out to look for a "base" for our sculpture...some sort of driftwood piece washed up on the beach. We knew this would not be a problem as you could build an entire house with all the driftwood logs on Big Beach alone.

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  1. With all the adversities life throws at us like that fateful day on 9/11, how you and Robin became acquainted is such a lovely story. I'm sure you didn't dream that ten years from the first time you met, Robin and his daughter, Edie, would be visiting you at Frenchboro. Your friendship is very special.