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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sculpture Building

We had to get some found objects to add to our sculptures so it was off to Big Beach, Middle Beach, and Little Beach. We are nothing but literal here on Frenchboro. A trip to the beach almost always means our pockets are full of something, but this time we had been tasked with finding a "base" for our sculpture. Driftwood is in abundance. Entire wharves seem to wash up on our beaches. It wasn't a matter of finding something, then, it was more a matter of "Can I heft this puppy back to the school?" or "How to choose just one?! I can carry these fifteen piece of wood, I'm sure of it!"
No matter what the weather, they're always room and time for a little appreciation of nature.
Mr. Finn toted the saw just in case we were forced with shortening any timbers of unusual size. (TOUS's for you Princess Bride fans.)
Back to the school and it was time to break out the hammers. I personally don't remember EVER in my entire life hammering in school. The things I missed out on could fill a book, as I don't remember using wood glue either.
How to include all our favorite objects into one piece? Myron had a good eye and I loved how he used the piece of an old wooden lobster trap that he found. So cool.
Teressa's was so far outside the box that I'm thinking major modern artist in the making. Everyone else's was on a flat base, but hers was all about height. I offered to buy it. No dice.
Thanks again to Robin and Edie for coming out and sharing this new art form with us!


  1. Hey Kids! Looks like you guys are having soooo much fun out there. What a great art project. I hope you are all having a blast in school, getting ready for Halloween and the scary school boo house. You guys should post pictures of your costumes! Have fun and I'll see you after Christmas.

  2. I tell you this. . . sculpture building lessons hardly exist over here in Australian schools. If it did, I just know every kid would have the best time creating their compilations.
    Ms Finn, do you get to post photos of the sculptures when all completed?