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Friday, October 7, 2011

Inter-Island Event: Matinicus!

Inter-Island Event this year was held on Matinicus. You may have heard about the recent plane crashes, two in three months time, so our hearts and minds are with that small, special community. As I write this, the community members are grieving the loss of their pilot. We had such a wonderful time out on their island that we want to thank everyone for their hospitality and wonderful events, but also keep in mind their loss.

We were picked up on the Sunbeam last Wed. morning and taken all the way to Matinicus. This was extremely helpful and exciting for us to be able to travel on their comfortable boat. As you can see, Myron wasn't having any fun at all...

Neither was Austin.
When we arrived, it was time to set up tent village.
Here's the terrific post office sign. Love it.
Then it was on to some cool classes like drumming (using bait buckets! We have a FEW of those on our island, too.)
Seth and his dad were really getting down. I was amazed at the sounds coming out of these guys.

There was also mural painting. For real...the kids got to paint on the walls! Austin, true to Frenchboro boy fashion, guessed it: a boat. Looks a little stormy!
We had a ton of fun playing Capture the Flag, a bit IIE staple. The talent show was full of hysterical, and sometimes moving, performances. And all too soon, it was time to head out. Seth is relaxing in the final circle.
Mike and Becky taking photos and listening to the kids share.

Getting comfy for the long trip home. Thanks, Matinicus! What a great trip!


  1. The annual Inter-Island Event is so great, giving everyone the opportunity to catch up with their friends from other places. I enjoyed reading about this year's gathering,immensely.Thank you for posting such wonderful photos. Great mural painting of the boat, Austin and yup, rough stormy weather displayed for sure! Matinicus: What a wonderful sounding place. It is very sad indeed about the plane crashes and with the loss of the community pilot.

  2. Man...I really wanted to chaperone Mr. Finn.