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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beach Cleanup

Many thanks to Terry Towne and Maine Coast Heritage Trust for helping us organize and pull off a great beach cleanup this year! We managed to hit Big, Middle, and Little Beaches. We're very to the point here in Frenchboro. We have the Low Road, the High Road, Dump Hill and we have Little, Middle and Big beaches.
Terry came equipped with gloves and garbage bags. Here's Johnny modeling.
Cody, Cadin and Elijah gathering garbage on Middle Beach.

Boy, what a haul! We threw the garbage we found into bags for Terry to haul off in his boat, and the kids tried to return buoys to the fishermen that we knew they belonged to. We left the lobster traps as they can be sharp and, technically, it's private property and shouldn't be removed.
Here we are posing for a shot on Middle Beach with most of the full bags. Great job kids for helping keep Frenchboro beautiful!


  1. Great job!! Great teamwork!!

    What a great service you have provided to the island!!

    Your 'mainland' families are proud of you!!

  2. Great job, everyone! We'll have another work day at Eastern Beach and the inner harbor next weekend!

  3. This is what it is all about..taking pride in the community around you. Proud of you...