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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Skype Call

This is a screen shot of our Skype call with Dr. Rob yesterday. You might remember Dr. Rob from his visit last year. He's an E.R. doc in NYC and he brought lots of gear to show the kids. They left the encounter replete with casts and splints, so it was memorable. He called in on Skype to see the kids and say hello. We could see him and he could see us, which is the bottom corner picture. Video chats are great, especially when they're free! Hopefully we can talk Dr. Rob into coming for a visit again this year.

1 comment:

  1. HI GUYS!!!!!! Hello from New York! It is the middle of the night here and I'm on call in the hospital. I had a bit of a break and I was surfing the web and checked out the Frenchoboro blog... it looks like you guys are keeping really busy at school. As for me, well, I have a few patients here with pains in their stomachs and one man in his 20's just came in with a dislocated shoulder. I took an xray and I think I'm going to have to pop it back into place. It was great to Skype with you guys the other day but I hope I can come back to Frenchboro sometime soon!

    Take care,
    Dr. Rob

    p.s. Never smoke cigarettes!