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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forest Ecosystems

We've been studying ecosystems in science class and we've moved on from pond to forest. We took some samples out in the the woods and looked at them through the microscopes and with our hand lenses. Who would have thought a mosquito's wings were covered with hair? And the proboscis? Yikes. Nightmarish. We talked a lot about the actual components of the coniferous forest ecosystem here in Frenchboro and listed the most important parts such as the trees themselves and then less significant parts such as sundew plants. The kids began construction of their own mural.
Cadin, Johnny, and Bradley get the background ready.

Saylor displaying her insect examples.

The finished product, complete with moose and deer tracks.


  1. Your finished project is awesome!! What a great display of teamwork!! Great Job!!

  2. The kids should be knowledgeable about Ecosystems. We studied Ecosystems Around the World the second year of the four year, rotating curriculum that Joanne Harriman had a us write!